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Stakeholder Dialogues

Being a shareholder is the first step for socially responsible investors towards creating change in a company. Here you'll learn about the rights that come with owning stock.

The Sullivan Principles
The Sullivan Global Principles are an international code of conduct and human rights for corporations.

Why Some Social Investors Keep Their Shares in Offending Companies
Why socially responsible shareholder activists engage in discussions with companies that violate socially responsible investing principles.

Activist Shareholders Get Engaged
An introduction to shareholder activism, a basic strategy in socially responsible investing.

Shareholder Activism - Domini Social Investments
An example of some activist issues and measures taken by a mutual fund company that specializes in socially responsible investing.

ProxyDemocracy: A Useful Site for Voting on Proxy Issues
ProxyDemocracy is a site that helps investors use their voting power. Managed by a nonpartisan, nonprofit group, it provides tools to evaluate a mutual fund's voting record, email alerts on how institutional investors plan to vote on corporate issues, and a display of upcoming annual meetings on public companies.

Business Ethics 100 Best Corporate Citizens
Business Ethics is an online magazine covering corporate responsibility. Its annual list of the best corporate citizens has been published since 2000.

Fortune's Top 20 Most Admired Companies
Not all of the companies on Fortune's annual list of the country's most admired firms would meet socially responsible investing criteria. But some do because of their approach to product safety and treatment of employees. Compare it with the Business Ethics list.

Abu Dhabi Ascent
Abu Dhabi Ascent

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