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Socially Responsible Investing Resources

Socially responsible investing has grown and spawned associations, web sites and research organizations. Some can be very helpful understanding SRI and how to profit in it. Here you'll find those resources and what they do.

Books on Socially Responsible Investing
The reading list of books on socially responsible investing, corporate social responsibility and green investing is growing rapidly. Below you'll find a few to add to your own "SRI Best Sellers" list.

Socially Responsible Investing Publications
Socially responsible investors are particularly interested in finding companies that are environmentally and socially conscious in the way they do run their business. They also look for mutual funds that screen for such companies. Here are several useful publications.

Asset Management Firms Specializing in Socially Responsible Investing
Many asset management firms focus on socially responsible investing. They develop environmental, social and ethical screens to select companies in which to invest. They also have expertise in community investing and shareholder activism. Here's a sampling of some of the better-known firms.

Socially Responsible Investing Resources
Socially responsible investing requires investors to be well informed and willing to do their research. As SRI becomes more popular, more publications and web sites devoted to the practice are emerging. Here you'll find some of the most comprehensive.

Moskowitz Research Program
The Moskowitz Research Program at the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley is among the leading academic locations for research into socially responsible investing.

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