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SRI Performance

Socially responsible investors prefer companies that are good corporate citizens, but they also seek to maximize the return on their investment. Here you'll find some benchmarks for SRI performance.

Why Alternative Energy and Green Funds are Underperforming
Alternative energy mutual funds and green mutual funds have underperformed other mutual funds included in the Morningstar group of socially responsible investing mutual funds.

Do Socially Responsible Mutual Funds Charge Higher Expense Fees?
Socially responsible mutual funds do not carry higher expense fees on average vs. conventional mutual funds, nor are they necessarily cheaper, according to Morningstar figures.

Socially Responsible Investing: High Morals But Low Returns?
Socially responsible investing doesn't mean profits are sacrificed for ethical concerns. Investors can still achieve competitive results compared to other investing approaches. Benchmarks such as the Domini 400 Social Index prove that socially responsible investing can keep pace.

Tough First Quarter, Tougher Funds
BusinessWeek article discussing why socially responsible mutual funds compared well to traditional funds after a difficult first quarter of 2008.

Big Oil vs. Good Works
Liz Peak of the New York Sun writes that many socially responsible investing mutual funds have suffered in the first five months of 2008 because oil stocks - as well as some hot "sin" stocks - have not been in their portfolios.

In Defense of Socially Responsible Investing
An argument in support of socially responsible investing on the web site "The Motley Fool," including several examples of stocks or funds that have produced strong investment returns.

A Critical Look at SRI Fund Performance
A columnist for Kiplinger.com cites factors that can cause a socially responsible investing mutual fund to underperform - then names five "great" green funds.

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