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Socially Responsible Mid Cap Mutual Funds


If you're looking for a mutual fund that applies socially responsible strategies and invests in companies with a market capitalization between $2 billion and $10 billion, check out this list of funds.

1. Ariel Appreciation Fund


Objective: Long-term capital growth.

Minimum investment: $1,000. IRA, $250

Screening info: "Ariel believes ethical business practices make good investment sense" Invests in companies that adopt environmentally sound policies, fosters community involvement among its employees and cultivates diversity. Does not invest in companies whose revenues come from tobacco or handgun production. Does not invest in nuclear energy companies.

Sales charge: No-load

Phone: 800-292-7435

2. Calvert Capital Accumulation


Objective: Long-term capital appreciation through investing in primarily mid-cap stocks.

Minimum investment: $2,000. IRA, $1,000

Screening info: "Calvert's social investment research analysts examine corporate performance in seven broad areas of concern for Calvert's socially responsible mutual funds: Governance and Ethics; Workplace; Environment; Product Safety and Impact; International Operations and Human Rights; Indigenous Peoples' Rights; Community Relations."

Sales charge: 4.75 percent front load.


3. Calvert Mid Cap Value Fund

Ticker: CMVAX

Objective: Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation through mid-cap stocks.

Minimum investment: $2,000. IRA, $1,000.

Screening info: "Our research analysts review and evaluate companies on seven key criteria: environment; workplace; human rights; Indigenous Peoples' rights; community relations; product safety and impact; and governance/business ethics. We base our analysis on qualitative information and quantitative data from a variety of sources."

Sales charge: 4.75 percent front load

Phone: 1-800-368-2748

4. Parnassus Mid-Cap Fund

Ticker: PARMX

Objective: Fund seeks total return through income and price appreciation.

Minimum investment: $2,000. IRA, $500.

Screening info: "We look for companies whose actions and products have a positive effect on the world. We look for companies that respect the environment; treat their employees as partners; encourage diversity in the workplace; support the communities where they operate; insist on ethical business dealings. While we encourage the positive factors of why to invest in a company, we also apply social screens and will not invest in companies that manufacture alcohol or tobacco products; are involved with gambling; manufacture weapons; generate electricity from nuclear power.

Sales charge: No-load

Phone: 800-999-3505

5. Sentinel Sustainable Emerging Companies Fund

Ticker: WAEGX

Objective: Fund aims to achieve capital appreciation.

Minimum investment: $2,500. IRA, $1,000

Screening info: "The initial review is conducted by Sentinel's equity analysts who assess whether or not companies produce tobacco or tobacco products; alcoholic beverages; power from nuclear power plants or are primary suppliers for the industry; have material interests in the manufacture of weapons or weapons-specific components; are involved in gambling as a main line of business; lack diversity at the level of the board of directors/senior management. Companies with material involvement in these areas are eliminated from further qualitative review and investment consideration."

Sales charge: 5% front load

Phone: 800-282-3863

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