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Sustainable Investing Definitions

Socially responsible investors consider corporate practices regarding the environment, corporate governance, diversity and other issues.

Why Community Development Banks Are Surviving the Financial Crisis
Community development financial institutions have been less affected by the financial crisis than conventional banks because of their loan practices to borrowers in low-income areas.

The Rapid Growth of Faith-Based Investing
An article about faith-based investing including what it is and what mutual funds are available.

10 Priorities for Socially Responsible Investors
While every individual who practices socially responsible investing has their own specific interests and levels of concern about society and the Earth, many fall into a handful of general categories.

SR Investors React to "Limited Biocapacity"
An article by fund manager Carsten Henningsen about the concept of limited biocapacity, in which the planet's resources are being used faster than the Earth can replenish them.

Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech
The speech given by Al Gore on December 10,2007 in Oslo, Norway as he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the global climate crisis.

Seven Ways Your Investments Can Fight Climate Change
An article at Co-Op America on using investor power to reverse the climate crisis.

SRI and the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)
CalPERS is the nation's largest public pension fund with assets totaling more than $242 billion and investments that span domestic and international markets. Here you'll see how CalPERS addresses issues such as the environment and corporate governance through its investment programs.

Why Impact Investing is the Wrong Frame
impact investing

On the Importance of Teaching Sustainability and Investing
sustainable investing

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