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Sentinel Investments


Sentinel Sustainable Core Opportunities Fund:

Sentinel Sustainable Core Opportunities is a large-cap blend fund that requires a $1,000 minimum investment and imposes a 5 percent sales charge. The fund managers screen out companies that produce tobacco and alcohol products, as well as weapons and nuclear energy. They also avoid companies that lack senior level diversity and are involved in gambling. They favor companies that enforce codes of conduct and vendor standards; promote equal opportunity, diversity and good employee relations; are sensitive to community concerns; and have minimal impact on the environment and engage in proactive environmental initiatives.

Sentinel Sustainable Growth Opportunities Fund:

Sentinel Sustainable Growth Opportunities is a mid-cap growth fund that requires a $1,000 minimum investment and imposes a 5 percent sales charge. Fund managers apply the same screens and favor companies with similar practices to those favored in the Sentinel Sustainable Core Opportunities Fund.


For most of its 75 year history, Sentinel Investments primarily managed the assets of National Life Insurance Co. of Montpelier, Vt. In 2005 new Chief Executive Officer Christian Thwaites joined the firm and turned its business model outward to the market, raising its profile with the investment advisory community. In 2008 Sentinel broadened its product line to include socially responsible funds by acquiring the assets of Citizens Funds, a socially responsible mutual fund firm. Two Citizens funds became Sentinel Sustainable Core Opportunities Fund and two others became Sentinel Sustainable Growth Opportunities Fund.

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