1. Money

Investing in Individual Stocks

Socially responsible investors can buy shares in specific companies that practice corporate social responsibility. It can take more work than buying mutual funds focused on SRI, but many investors enjoy the research.

Picking Your Own SRI Stocks
Many socially responsible investors prefer to own individual stocks, selected through their own screens. The advantages include lower investing fees, greater appreciation potential and the satisfaction of picking their own stocks.

The Outlook for Solar Energy Investing
A good overview of the solar energy market and some direction for investors from Investment News.

Alternative Energy Stocks
AltEnergyStocks.com provides research into alternative energy, renewable energy, and clean technology companies. A broad list of alternative energy stocks is available on the site.

Renewable Energy Stocks
Renewableenergystocks.com is a broad web site offering news and information on companies engaged in the renewable energy business such as solar, wind and other related sectors. The site includes an extensive list of domestic and international renewable energy companies.

Alternative Energy News
Alternative Energy News is a good source of information and ideas about alternative energy companies and trends.

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